Oahu Guide

    Shortly after moving to Oahu in 2018, I started putting together a guide to our favorite places for guests that would visit us. Originally, this took the form of a straightforward GDoc that I'd print out for folks. Over time, I added more formatting to the document, like a map with annotations. However, google docs was clunky for this purpose - every time I wanted to add a location to the map, I'd have to edit the custom map, take a screenshot with the right dimensions, and paste it into a page in the document. Most painfully, if I wanted the locations in the guide to be in a specific order, I'd have to adjust a bunch of the formatting to make everything flow nicely.

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    Wordle for Slack! This slack bot downloads the official Wordle bundle from the official Wordle website and executes it in a VM, delivering the results directly to your slack client.

    Javascript, Node, Express, Slack bots

    Source & install instructions available on Github.


    synthwave-x-fluoromachine is a fork of @robbowen's Synthwave '84 theme, merged with @fullerenedream's Fluoromachine theme for VSCode.

    CSS, VSCode extensions

    Source & install instructions available on Github.


    I've been working with Fictiv since 2018, first as a lead frontend developer; and since 2021, as an engineering manager. In my time there, I've led the launch of the multiple new products, as well as countless features for the user-facing, admin-facing, and computational geometry teams.

    In addition to my coding responsibilities, I've worked to mentor my fellow developers in best practices for modern frontend development and user experience. As an engineering manager, I have spun up several new development teams at the company, as well as taken existing teams and optimized their processes around productivity and developer wellbeing.

    I've been working with Fictiv in a fully-remote capacity since the beginning of 2019.

    React/Redux, GraphQL, Python, Ruby, AWS

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    At Disqus, teams meet for a daily standup to check-in and share the latest updates on projects and ask questions. Since we have a distributed team working across different time zones, having standup at a fixed time isn’t ideal. We experimented with a few standup bots for Slack but found that they didn’t provide enough context around what people were working on. Specifically, we wanted a better way to connect a developer’s update to the related Trello card(s).

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    Disqus uses Phabricator for our version control, and we use Trello for our scrum & task management. There was no integration between these tools, so we created one.

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    Once upon a time, there was a company. And the company ran Gsuite and used Google Hangouts and all was well. Hangout boxes setup in the conference rooms displayed upcoming schedules & let you connect to calls.

    But then the company was acquired and had to switch to Outlook, and there was felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of meetings suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Outlook meeting room calendars could not connect to the Hangout boxes, and conference rooms were in chaos.

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    How to automate your Github Pages blog - for free - with IFTTT and Glitch

    _Update 06/29: This article has been translated into Uzbek by GetColorings - check it out here: http://getcolorings.com/uz-automate-github

    Earlier this month, I finally decided that it was time to migrate my personal blog from Tumblr to Github Pages. The one thing holding me back was social media cross-posting; On Tumblr, I had been using IFTTT to create new posts based on my social media sharing, but IFTTT doesn’t natively support Github Pages.

    To solve this problem, I created ifttt-ghpages, a small webhook you can run for free on Glitch that creates posts on Github Pages from IFTTT actions.

    This blog uses ifttt-ghpages to integrate my activity from Github, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. The great thing about IFTTT is its flexibility - IFTTT supports hundreds of services and you can use any of them to automate your blog posts! For this example, we’re going to setup a trigger that automatically cross-posts new images from Instagram on our blog.

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    This is a node app (which you can run on Glitch for free) that lets you create new posts in a Jekyll-based Github Pages site, based on IFTTT actions. This lets you automatically aggregate a variety of networks and communication mediums into your static blog without client-side javascript. It's used to generate many of the blog posts on this site!

    Source available on Github.

    Trello Collapsible Lists

    This is a browser extension I put together that lets you collapse Trello lists to make boards easier to read. You can install it from the Chrome Web Store or from addons.mozilla.org for Firefox.

    Source available on Github.

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