How to automate your Github Pages blog - for free - with IFTTT and Glitch

    Earlier this month, I finally decided that it was time to migrate my personal blog from Tumblr to Github Pages. The one thing holding me back was social media cross-posting; On Tumblr, I had been using IFTTT to create new posts based on my social media sharing, but IFTTT doesn’t natively support Github Pages.

    To solve this problem, I created ifttt-ghpages, a small webhook you can run for free on Glitch that creates posts on Github Pages from IFTTT actions.

    This blog uses ifttt-ghpages to integrate my activity from Github, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. The great thing about IFTTT is its flexibility - IFTTT supports hundreds of services and you can use any of them to automate your blog posts! For this example, we’re going to setup a trigger that automatically cross-posts new images from Instagram on our blog.

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    webrender created a pull request in webrender/ifttt-ghpages

    Add github & instagram examples

    November 23, 2017

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