At Disqus, teams meet for a daily standup to check-in and share the latest updates on projects and ask questions. Since we have a distributed team working across different time zones, having standup at a fixed time isn’t ideal. We experimented with a few standup bots for Slack but found that they didn’t provide enough context around what people were working on. Specifically, we wanted a better way to connect a developer’s update to the related Trello card(s).

To solve this problem, we created Standup Helper, an open source Slackbot. It integrates with Trello by linking people’s responses to the cards they’re assigned to.

Using this information, Standup Helper creates an interactive, asynchronous dashboard that our team can use to augment our standups with useful, persistent data such as:

  • Active/inactive tasks, linked to their corresponding Trello cards
  • Recently merged PRs and PRs in review (integrates with Phabricator)
  • Upcoming Out of Offices (integrates with an OOO ICS feed)
  • Custom notes, interrupt notifications, and sidebar requests
  • Standup Helper lets us get process out of the way so we can focus our standups around meaningful conversations.
  • Source + install instructions available on Github.