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    HTML5/JS, Imgur API

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    Gameboy Pi Server
    This was some work I did to stick a raspberry pi into an old gameboy and turn it into a functioning web server with a gameboy-esque UI. I ended up getting as far as having everything powered up and the UI operating properly, but never got around to getting the batteries working properly and hooking up the buttons.

    Super by Perricone (site offline)

    Perricone wanted a new brand that was aimed at a younger audience. Super was created to be a parallel brand to the main Perricone MD line, with an emphasis on “superfoods” and integrating the active ingredients in those superfoods into the skincare line.

    HTML5, CSS, jQuery, SQL, Marketlive CMS, social media integration

    Perricone MD

    I worked with Perricone MD, an international skincare company, from 2008-2011. As lead developer, I managed the web portals for the Perricone and Super brands, and helped move the company from a small US business with limited e-commerce resources to an international online presence with social media outreach and a dedicated customer base.

    HTML5, CSS, jQuery, SQL, Marketlive CMS, social media integration, iPhone development

    Previous Personal Sites
    (sites offline)

    Update 11/2017:After 6 years on Tumblr, I'm redoing my site and moving it to Github Pages. I've included a screenshot of the Tumblr in the archived pages above.

    This are the sites I had setup before this blog - I built the theme from scratch and featured a bunch of social media updates. I liked the outcome a lot, but in the end wordpress (and after that, pixelpost) was way more than I actually needed out of my site platform, so I decided to switch to the tumblr implentation now in use.

    HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Wordpress, PixelPost

    Blizzard Application - Site Mockups & Blizzard-Styled Resume
    Had to put together some sample designs for an application to Blizzard - this is my concept mockup of a D3 armory page. All images are works and copyright Blizzard Entertainment, but the layout and concept is my own creation.

    (note: this design was made before the official release of the Diablo armory.)

    WoW Community Websites
    source code available upon request was a school project that turned into a great resource for the community I played World of Warcraft with. As a PHP application for a a class, I created a server ranking for tracking boss progress. After the class ended, features were added and the code was refined to become a central portal for the server to track bosses, wow news, share screenshots and search for crafters. The followup,, was intended to have a more character-centered focus, but I lost interest in WoW before it got off the ground.

    As a web designer playing World of Warcraft, you tend to become your guild’s defacto webmaster. I created and ran custom sites for both of the guilds I belonged to, featuring custom themes and PHP applications. Reawakening was originally a custom Tumblr theme, but later transitioned to Wordpress. Sublime had a custom wordpress theme with an animated Flash banner, custom dkp tracking and forums.

    PHP & MySQL custom application, CSS, HTML5

    Online World & 21st Century Social Dynamics

    I was in a chat room earlier this week with some of my friends from World of Warcraft, when a new visitor joined the channel.  As is the standard for #lightninghoof, he was immediately interrogated by no less than 3 people on his origin, personal life, and what his purpose was in this channel. The visitor, a bit taken aback by these questions, responded with something to the effect of “why do you need to know all this about me, it’s not like you know everyone in here personally”.  When he said that, I stopped and took a look at the chat room list, about 25 people - and realized that nearly everyone in the room had met at least one other person in the room, in the flesh.

    That visitor ended up not fitting in, but my point is that my friends and I in that chat room represent a whole new and unusual social dynamic that most people can’t get their head around.  My friends online are some of the people I’m closest with - I spend more time talking to them than I do anyone in real life on a daily basis. The idea of this kind of relationship is so foreign to so many people I talk to.  And adding an additional layer of confusion is that the common thread that links us all is not a real-life pursuit, but an interest in a video game.

    WoW is a fascinating game in that way;  it brings people from all different places, all walks of life, all different beliefs, to work together to achieve a common goal.  The goal is meaningless, but the bonds formed between players in working towards these goals is as strong as any other friendship.

    I’ve helped form a new guild, for Cataclysm. It’s got some new faces, and it’s got people that I’ve been playing with for years - literally years. The one thing I hear from all the guild members is that they really like the vibe of the guild, that the raids are fun and they enjoy playing with their peers.  Thats really the most important part of a successful guild, because there are going to be times when you’re banging your head against the wall on something, and its important to keep a good attitude, otherwise things just go downhill and people end up getting offended.

    The experiences I have with my guildmates may only exist in a virtual world, but they are still activities I am choosing to do, with my time, in my life.  More importantly, they’re not just my experiences - I have a whole group of close friends who I share these memories with, who I can reminisce with and who i can rely on - both in game, and in reality. And the friendships I’ve made over the past 5 years have been some of the best and closest friendships I’ve come to know.  Here’s to the online friendship, to Cataclysm, and to another couple years of online shenanigans.

    Editor's note, 2017: In doing some domain consolidation I stumbled across the /screenshots/ folder, which had all these World of Warcraft screenshots within. Rather than relegate these shots to my Google Photos, I thought I'd post them here for posterity, back at the approximate time I'd have taken them.

    Codile mobile IDE
    source code available upon request

    Codile was my final project for graduation from CSUMB - a web development environment for the iPhone. Codile incorporated an FTP browser, HTML/CSS editor and code reference, all created with javascript and PHP to run within any iPhone browser. The Codile project won the department award for ‘Best Integration of Design & Technology’.

    HTML5, CSS, JS, iUI, advanced PHP, MySQL, iPhone web programming

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